Autologous Concentration System

Built to concentrate

The Magellan® is a thoughtfully designed autologous concentration system that delivers concentrated platelets and cells at the point of care.

Meet Magellan

Every patient has a unique biology with inherent variability, so you need a solution that is customized for each patient. Go beyond the standard of care and deliver a personalized biologic with the Magellan Autologous Concentration System.

Fully Automated
Decreases user error and provides ease of use.

Closed-Loop Design
Safer for the patient and the user due to decreased processing steps and minimal breaks in the sterile barrier.

Optical Sensor Driven
The microprocessor and optical sensors enable Magellan to reliably detect the cellular fraction to gently produce consistent and reproducible cellular concentrations and compositions.

Pump-Driven Design
Gentle on cells.

Selectable Output
Allows users to define desired therapeutic volumes (3-10 mL per cycle).

Reusable Disposable
The Magellan system can process up to three cycles (single patient) using a single disposable, giving options for obtaining both cBMA and PRP while allowing for additional volume and concentration flexibility.

Concentration Process

Magellan allows clinicians to customize output volumes and concentration factors to meet their patients’ specific needs.

  • A single kit will process 30-60 mL of bone marrow and/or blood to produce a user-defined output volume, ranging between 3-10 mL.
  • Each kit is processed three times per patient, offering clinicians a cost-effective solution for processing bone marrow and/or blood.
  • Both PRP and MAR0 kits are available for use with the Magellan system.