Pneumatron 200

The PNEUMATRON® is a multi-functional device for deep massage, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage and cupping. It is easy to use – without unnecessary or excessive electronics.

The PNEUMATRON® is used in many medical offices, hospitals and institutes for implementing pain therapy based on natural medicine without side effects.
Physiotherapists, Olympic training centers and top-class athletes use the device for rehabilitation after sports injuries and to alleviate muscle tension.

This is how Pneumatron® works

Pneumatron® 200 works by producing intermittent vacuum. The tissue is first pulled in by a stretching impulse (vacuum), after which the device immediately transitions back into the relaxation phase (at atmospheric pressure). In this way, the tissue is put in motion and vibration.

The tissue is an inert mass and, therefore, a certain force is required to achieve this vibration process. This force must also overcome the cushioning through internal friction forces. Stefan Deny, the inventor of Pneumatron® 200, spent long years testing different pump systems (piston pumps, diaphragm pumps). In the end, he established that only a piston pump could support the desired tissue vibration rate.

The vacuum effect causes tissue layers and muscles to be sucked in. A constantly changing impulse ensures the intensive treatment of the affected tissue section. This makes Deny’s pneumatic pulsation therapy (PPT) different from other cupping procedures that generate a constant vacuum.

This therapy simultaneously activates the movement of tissue fluids. Thus, any metabolism products, inflammatory mediators and environmental pollutants accumulated in the matrix can be dissolved more efficiently and excreted from the body via the accelerated blood and lymph flow. What occurs is known as causal matrix cleaning or regeneration.

At the same time, the body’s own vital substances, including hormones, vitamins and minerals, are transported to the cell complexes and made available to the organism to ensure optimum metabolic performance.