Cold air application by Gymna

Empower health

Cold air applications have been used for centuries and experience has shown its benefits on the human body tissue by cooling down the skin in a controlled way.

Gymna Cryoflow ICE-IR
Optimal temperature control

  • Unique infrared feedback system
  • User-friendly; no refilling
  • Short application duration due to powerful temperature reduction
  • Various nozzles for different body areas
  • 2 application methods: Static and handsfree or dynamic and manual


The Gymna Cryoflow ICE–IR is equipped with our unique infrared feedback system for optimal temperature regulation, securing safe application and maximum cooling results. The feedback system guaranties continuous measurement of the skin temperature by means of an infrared sensor. The air flow is automatically adjusted to achieve and maintain the desired temperature.


Dimensions (H x L x W) : 68,7 x 56,9 x 111,7 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Maximum airflow: 1000l/min
Cold air: -32°
Air control: 10 levels
Cooling circuit: Maintenance free, closed circuit
Noise level: 72dBA at air stage 10
Screen: LCD display

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