Pneumatic Armband

A single, pre-inflated aircell, concentrates compression on the extensor muscle, not around the arm — providing more support, less constriction. Available in beige and black. Universall fit.

Indication: Tennis elbow; Golfers elbow (epicondylitis)

  1. Focused compression for less constriction
  2. Breathable material enhances comfort and wearability
  3. Simple, effective design makes it easy to apply
  4. One size fits most for reduced inventory requirements

Ordering Information

Measurement is forearm circumference

Part Number Description Measurement
05A Pneumatic Armband, beige 8″ – 14″
05A-B Pneumatic Armband, black 8″ – 14″

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T : 021-864 9909

F : 021-8690 3922