Providing an easy re-education treatment

As a diagnostic and therapy feature, Myo 200 device is highly user friendly providing:

  • EMG and electrotherapy in 1 device
  • PC software integration
  • Extensive range of probes
  • Personalized effective treatments

Every time the treatment goals and intensity are determined, the device is ready to start the treatment within the personalized parameters of the patient. The unique Myo software helps you to collect patient data and keep it up-to-date, There are no worries in case you need to store results or print them in different charts.


  • Main voltage: 100-240-VAC, 50/60 Hz +/- 10%
  • Max power in operation: 85 VA
  • Dimension (HxWxD): 124 x 268 x 295 mm
  • Weight: ca. 4 kg
  • Safety: Class I
  • Isolation: Type BF
  • MDD classification: IIa
  • Languages: 12
  • Safety examination: CE from conformity with directives MDD 93/42/EE