MyoPlus 4Pro dan Multi TENS

The Proffesional two channel EMG tool for Biofeedback training and neuro-muscular assestment.

New user friendly touch screen based interface makes it a self explanatory unitwith interactive learning on the go, including electrode placement, running EMG Graph, EMG Biofeedback Games and Templates as well as many other helpful tools. Advanced ETS used for neuro re-education: the graph shows muscular effort and the stimulation is triggered automatically to support the effort.

Multilingual LCD screen and voice prompts for biofeedback. Manual and automatic threshold control with EMG Biofeedback between stimulation (muscle activity and tiredness indication when using muscle stimulation.


  • NMES/TENS Channel
  • EMG Channel
  • Multi programs: EMG, TENS, NMES, FES, ETS
  • Built with STIM preset clinical modes: Continence, Sports, Rehab
    EMG Games
  • Connect Bluetooth to PC to Neurotrac Software (Screen Mirror)
  • 49 Preset Programs
  • 30 Custom Programs
  • Customizable waveform
  • Home Compliance
  • Audio Feedback
  • Power supply battery AA#
  • Belt Clip


  • EMG Range: 0.2-2000 µV RMS
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 µV RMS
  • Output Current: 0-90 mA
  • Waveform: Symmetrical, Rectangular
  • Pulse frequency: 2-100 Hz
  • Phase duration: 50-450 µV