PABLO Upper Extremity



An all-rounder when it comes to activities of daily living.

Therapies for the hand, arm, shoulder and trunk are made simple and exciting.

Position sensors and numerous accessories open up incredibly flexible therapeutic options in a safe environment for patients of all impairment levels.

PABLO® Upper Extremity Facts

  • Sensor-based rehabilitation device for unilateral and bilateral training
  • Interactive therapies for the whole body (hand, fingers, arms, legs, trunk, head)
  • Wireless therapy device
  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases
  • Objective assessments, monitoring and reporting system
  • Assistance and movement guidance with Multiboard and
  • Multiball for weaker patients


  • Measurement of various gripping patterns of the human hand and the resulting forces
  • Built-in strength sensors measure the extension and flexion force of the hand
  • Training in pronation and supination training as well as wrist extension and flexion training
  • Measurement of exerted force for pinch, lateral-, three-point- and interdigital grips
  • Motion sensors with built-in Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) measure every kind of body movement (head, arm, trunk, leg)
  • Ergonomic design for adults and children
  • Individual positioning of Motion sensors
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Interactive movement training with audiovisual feedback

PABLO® Upper Extremity in Practice

  • Endless possibilities: Combining PABLO® Motionsensors with the TYROS software enables various motivating therapeutic movement exercises with additional feedback
  • Assessments for measuring the strength of hand functions and the active range of motion of the upper extremity
  • Interactive therapy games increase motivation and ensure target-oriented repetitive therapy
  • Report and documentation options: Individual data and therapy progress are documented in an electronic patient file
  • Link to daily routine: Link to daily routine supports the motivation of the patient and enables motor learning
  • Minimal movements become visible: The sensitivity of the Motion sensors enables tracking of elemental movements