Microwave Therapy – the gentle heat therapy

The therapy with MicroPro leads to a mild warming of muscles and skin. This results in a relaxing and soothing feeling of warmth.

The safe microwave therapy

With the Micro Pro you have a powerful microwave therapy device at your disposal, the functional principle of which has proven itself in everyday practice for many years.

The microwave energy is transferred to the tissue with the help of a radiator and is then converted into heat. Depending on the type of treatment, the user can choose between different types of radiator: large-area, round, trough-shaped or point-type. A freely adjustable swivel arm is provided to focus the radiator on the body part to be treated.

To guarantee ease of use as well as convenient and efficient operation and adjustment of parameters, the unit features a 12“-display with a capacitive touch-screen.

The treatment time can be set digitally between 1 and 30 minutes. At the end of the treatment, the set power is automatically switched off and the end of the treatment is signalled visually and acoustically. By means of the heat-effective output power value that is constantly displayed, the user can exactly adjust parameters and has full visual control over the therapy.

In addition to the continuous operating mode, the MicroPro offers a pulse function for the treatment of deeper tissue layers with simultaneous low thermal surface exposure. Thus MicroPro can be used across a broad range of applications. As a result, MicroPro has a wide range of applications in hospitals, among doctors and physiotherapists.

Additional features

  • Regulated fans
  • Modern user interface
  • Modern housing
  • Favourites can be saved
  • Favourites can be exported via USB and SD card