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ShockMaster Concept

Shockwave therapy associated with cryotherapy (thermal shock) benefits the comfort of the patient, the therapy is softer and increases the efficiency.

Shockwave therapy can be uncomfortable. There is also the risk of some side effects. The combination of cryotherapy and a shockwave treatment is beneficial due to:

  • Its analgesic effect which makes the treatment completely painless and offers more comfort for the patient. Thus it is possible to use suitable parameters which improve the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • Its vasomotoric effects decrease the risk on bruises caused by shockwave therapy.
  • Its Hunting reaction effect accelerates the healing process of shockwave therapy.

First apply cryotherapy with the ShockMaster ICE CT:

The ShockMaster ICE-CT cools down surrounding air but is on top of that the first cryotherapy device to do this with an infra red system, thereby ensuring a constant temperature on the treated area.

An intelligent hand piece not only measures the temperature on the treated area, but adjusts the airflow automatically in accordance with the temperature reached on the skin (biofeedback system). This enables the therapist to setup his treatment very easily; the therapist situates the patient in a comfortable position, positions the treatment head on the required area, fixes the temperature and from then on the ShockMaster ICE CT will automatically adept its airflow in order to reach it continuously.

Immediately afterwards the therapist start to apply shockwave therapy with the ShockMaster 500.

The therapy can be split up in 2 phases

Phase 1:
Depending of the type of indication, the therapist will choose which frequency, bar and amount of pulses he will use. The therapist localizes the pain region and applies gel. Then he releases shockwaves as the hand piece is moved over the entire pain region in circular motions.

Phase 2:
In the next stage, the therapist will treat the muscle region related to the indication, also called as D-ACTOR® application. This application represents a new therapy approach. The combined use of radial shockwaves and vibrations allows effective local trigger point treatment as well as activation of muscle and surrounding connective tissue.



The Gymna ShockMaster ICE-CT cools down surrounding air and is the first Cryotherapy device to use an infrared (bio-feedback) system which ensures a constant temperature on the treatment zone.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Radial shockwave therapy is the perfect treatment method for all chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions.

Gymna Treatment Couches

Gymna Treatment Couches

Gymna treatment couches inherent the finest technology and functionality we have to offer the expert physical and manual therapist.