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One sensor handle for all areas

The PABLO system offers a great variety of therapy options both for children and adults with neurologically and
orthopedically caused motoric limitations of the upper and lower extremities and the rump region.
Constant evaluation informs about the therapy progress.


The PABLO System Solution for hand-arm-therapy

The PABLO Sensor handle is a true all-rounder: hand-arm-therapy- and evaluation device in one, the PABLO does not just facilitate the training of all grip forms of the hand; the built-in sensors also track the grip force and range of motion. On your PC or notebook. Just connect the PABLO sensor handle via USB. Thanks to the cross-system tyroS software, the PABLO offers interactive motion training with audiovisual feedback. The results of each training session are automatically integrated into the data base and the therapy report.

With the following extensions, the PABLO becomes even more versatile:

  1. The PABLO Multiball helps train the pronation and supination of the lower arm, as well as the flexion and extension of the wrist. Even at an early stage of rehabilitation, such as flaccid hemiparesis, the Multiball can be used for therapy of the upper extremities. To that end, the PABLO sensor handle is simply inserted into the PABLO Multiball. The hand is attached to the ball by means of a flexible strap system.
  2. The PABLO Multiboard can be used for repetitive distal and proximal single- and multi-joint exercises. Even severely impaired patients can be therapized with the Multiboard and learn to avoid compensations in movement from the get-go.

Advantages of hand-arm-rehabilitation with Pablo

  1. Hand-arm-therapy and evaluation device in one
  2. Trains all grip forms, as well as the entire upper extremity
  3. Extensible for more therapy options

Interactive therapy for a maximum of motivation

The evaluation programs included in the tyroS software, such as the Force Control Index, as well as the large selection of therapy games motivate. On the one hand, because with PABLO, the therapy progress becomes easily trackable and therapy achievements clearly visible. On the other hand, games are fun. Not a single game result is lost; everything is saved and can be recalled any time. The therapist has full control: they can adjust the control settings and difficulty levels to the patient. This guarantees therapy at the patient’s maximum limit of performance. Audiovisual and haptic feedback ensures full attention and a more motivation.