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Monark Exercise AB

The Monark 828 E is the world’s most commonly used exercise ergometer. The adjustable brake system and the force can be set and read Kiloponds (kp) and Newton (N). The actual brake power is showed in Watts on the electronic meter.

The cycle is equipped with an electronic meter showing pedal revolutions per minute (RPM), heart rate in bpm (HR), exercise time in minutes and seconds (TIME), speed in km per hour or miles per hour (SPEED), covered distance in km or mile (DISTANCE), burned Calories (CAL) and the power on the cycle (WATT).

The watt level depends on pedalling speed, it can be fine tuned by increasing or decreasing the speed or pedal rpm. Each 828 E is calibrated at the factory. This means that you can begin to use the Ergometer directly after assembly. However, if the user wishes to verify the scale, please read the instruction for “Calibration” in this manual.

Download Software 

Monark 828E Software


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* The most sold Ergometer cycle ever
* Watt in display by entering
* kP value manually
* Mechanic calibration
* Manual power control
* No Power adapter is needed


* Good cycling feeling
* Easy to calibrate
* 5 kHz HR system (only in display)
* Software to assist in manual tests
* No power adapter
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  1. Quick Guide 
  2. Brochure 
  3. 828E Parts list 1602 
  4. 828E Manuel FR 1402 
  5. Feature Specification 
  6. 828E Pieces 1602
  7. 828E Manual EN 1311