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Kinesio Tex Classic

Perform your best with Kinesio Classic

Kinesio continues to provide our famous wave design that has set the standard for Kinesio Taping® practitioners worldwide. From elite athletes and weekend warriors to neurological and pediatric patients, Kinesio Tex Classic provides users with high quality and consistent results.

  • Hypoallergenic & latex free for all patient populations
  • Utilizes a high grade cotton for breathability & comfort
  • Provides entry level pricing point which enables all to use authentic Kinesio Tex
  • Available to both medical care professionals & patients

Standard Rolls

(5–6 Applications/Roll)

SIZE: 5cm x 4m (2″x13.1′)

Bulk Rolls

(36–48 Applications/Roll)

SIZE: 5cm x 31.5m (2″x103.3′)


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