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Meet each patient’s specific needs with fully customizable product volume and platelet concentrations

The Magellan® Platelet Separator is unique in its ability to customize the PRP product. The system can be programmed to deliver a volume of 3-10ml for each processing cycle. This allows you to customize the PRP concentration from each processing cycle. This also allows you to customize the concentration per ml within PRP. Magellan is approved for three processing cycles per disposable, allowing for maximum of 30 ml of product.
Customize TruPRP for Each Patient

With a simple push of a button you can customize PRP

60ml of blood processed to 6mL delivers a platelet concentration of 7.2 times baseline (see customization graph above). It is important to determine the volume needed for each application and then process the appropriate volume of blood to keep the platelet concentration at therapeutic levels.

Source: Arteriocyte Medical Systems  TS-0078-182 (data on file)