Myo 200

Make reeducation treatment easier with included software package

Gymna Myo 200, provides the functionality of 2 devices in one: electro stimulation and EMG feedback. Both therapy forms can be used independently or combined.

The myofeedback functionality will ensure fast and effective reeducation therapy. Because you can measure and visualise your patient’s muscle activity, there is a greater awareness of muscle functioning. This improves proprioception and eventually your patient‘s quality of life.

The unique Myo PC software increases possibilities:

Select a pre-programmed treatment protocol, visualize and store training results, display and print different charts, keep patient files up to date, export data and perform a CONTILIFE® test and much more.

Advantages for your practice:

  • EMG & electrotherapy in 1 device
  • PC software increasing your possibilities
  • Personalised effective treatments
  • Extensive Treatment Guide
  • Extensive range of probes

Myo200 Treatment

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