Monark Exercise AB

Ergonomic recumbent cycle for training and warming up. Easy-to-use and suitable for patients with problems using a normal bycycle due to injury or special needs. New unique resistance system with fixed steps and grip-friendly control. User friendly for patients with difficulties gripping and twisting. New ergonomically designed backrest easily adjustable. Low entry level and grip-friendly handle for entering safely. New display with improved sharpness, double pulse systems, USB port for PC, and real time showing of Watt. Calibrating resistance is possible and does not require an external electricity source.

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Monark Touch Software

Monark Test Software


* Monark G3 display system
* Unique manual power control
* Sprint power resistance
* Easy entry recumbent frame
* Watt in display
* Swivel seat


* Good cycle feeling
* Easy to adjust seat position
* Speed dependent power control
* Possible to calibrate
* ANT+ and 5 kHz HR systems
* Possible to connect to PC Monark Test Software.
* Workload range 0-1200W
* Training mode: Watt and METS
* No power adapter needed