Infrared Spots TGS 6.2 



Heat treatment of patients with infrared radiation in physiotherapy


Powder-coated aluminium / sheet steel housing
Housing colour: white
Handle bar colours: red, blue, green, yellow or black
Electronic timer, max. treatment period: 60 min.
TGS 6.2: 6 Infrared bulbs à 150 W
TGS 4.2: 4 Infrared bulbs à 150 W
TGS 3.2: 3 Infrared bulbs à 150 W
Therapeutic infrared lamps Philips Infrared PAR 38, 150 W
Each bulb can be operated individually
Protection grid to avoid burns
Main switch with power indicator
Mountable to wall arms, ceiling arms and stands manufactured by Ondal
Medical Device class IIa – CE0297
Optional accessory: electronic dimmer

Technical Data: Infrared Spots TGS

 Infrared Spots TGS