About AcuVista Grace

Portable ultrasound scanner is specially designed for non-diagnostic applications. A simplicity of its patented unique interface is the main feature of the scanner. Single all-in-one integrated encoder and touchpad with multitouch gestures recognition is used in the ultrasound scanner for the first time. Simple intuitive interface and scrolling toolbar with icons are similar to that one’s used at smartphone. Ultrasound image fills almost whole portrait oriented screen. Image size is as large as at 19″ landscape oriented screen.

Coming soon: AcuVista Grace Scale

Light version of smart ultrasound scanner – useful and cost-effective solution for variety of medical needs. Quality, ergonomics, ease – and nothing extra!

TOUCHSCREEN. Simple interface with intuitive operation. Rolling tool bar with icons is similar to smartphone.

ActivTwist operation control. Single all-in-one integrated encoder and touchpad. Multitouch gestures recognition.

ActivTwist. You can press and rotate the wheel to adjust parameters.

Gloves Control. Device can be operated with gloves. A stylus can be used for accurate measurements.

VESA Adapter. Scanner can be mounted with standard VESA adapter on any existing arms in operation room.

Sterile Cover. Scanner (both touchscreen and ActivTwist)  can be used under the sterile cover.

Light weight, easy to carry.

Flexible Mounting. Mounted on stand, trolley or table based